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Your personal rights are important to us. You need to feel safe when shopping with us. Therefore, we and our Data Protection Supervisor ensure compliance with the Data Protection Regulations, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is applicable from 25 May 2018, as well as applicable Danish law. Below, we would like to inform you about the purposes for which your data is collected and used and how you can protect your rights.

Through technical and organizational measures, our IT systems are secured against unauthorized access to, alteration or distribution of your data, as well as loss and destruction.

Contact information on the Data Protection Supervisor

Responsible for Klokkerholm's administration of personal data is Klokkerholm Karosseridele A/S, Kløvervej 6, 9320 Hjallerup, telephone: +45 9828 4444, e-mail: .

If you have questions regarding the handling of data protection of your data or need to clarify your questions, you can forward your matter to .

For general data protection queries and information requests, please contact Klokkerholm's data protection team with precise details of your case and your contact information at .

What personal information do we process?

In connection with purchases and inquiries we will save:
· Purchase history, including what type of product or service you purchased and when you purchased them
· Service status, service history, returns and complaints.
· Mail correspondence, meetings and appointments.

If you have created a user profile on the website, you can choose to log in with your username and password when shopping on the website. When creating a user profile, we require you to provide the following information:
· Personal Information
· Phone number
· Email address

If you choose to participate in a newsletter, price broadcast, etc., this may mean that you provide additional information, such as gender, date of birth, interests, etc., depending on what is requested in each campaign or user survey. Participation in this type of study is voluntary.

Marketing permissions

When you sign up for our competitions, newsletters, etc. do you consent that Klokkerholm Karoseridele A/S may use your information to keep in touch with you and generate news and marketing. You can change your opinion at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button in any mail you receive from us, or by contacting us at or . We will treat your information with the utmost confidentiality.


We use so-called cookies and similar technologies that generate information that we use to improve the user experience on the website and for other analytical and statistical purposes. This information is used at an aggregated level, but some information may be considered personal information at the time of collection, such as your IP address. Information collection using cookies is described in more detail in Chapter 5 below.

Data protection

1. Basis for processing personal data
The Personal Data Act restricts the access to process personal data by specifying what should be considered legitimate reasons for obtaining and using personal data ("Processing Basis"). The Rules on the Basis for Processing mean that it is possible to process personal data when necessary to fulfill an agreement with the person whose personal data is processed. Our agreement with you is our primary treatment.

Furthermore, we base parts of the processing on your consent. Consent is obtained through marketing inquiries, user surveys, campaigns, etc. Some treatments are based on a balance of interests, e.g. analysis and further development of our services and websites, where our legitimate interest in using the information outweighs any inconvenience to the individual.

2. What do we use your personal information for?
We use your personal information for the following:

Fulfillment of our sales-related obligations: This includes fulfilling our obligations to you as a customer, including delivery, relevant service, customer follow-up and answering questions as well as fulfilling our obligations under applicable law.

Create Customer Profile: We will be able to create a customer profile based on purchase history and available information as a basis for newsletters, product information, customized marketing and purchase analytics.

User profile management: We have access to your user profile to manage your contact information and any consent to receive our newsletter, campaign participation or similar.

Electronic Marketing: If you have explicitly consented to it, we will use the personal information we hold about you to send you offers and information about our products. In this connection we use, inter alia, the information we have about your previous purchases to give you offers that you think we might be interested in. You can tell us at any time that you no longer want this type of inquiry. Simply contact our customer service.

Use of external suppliers: If you order external services, contact information and other relevant information we have registered about you may be provided to the supplier.

3. Who accesses your personal information?
In some cases, other companies can access your personal information:

Postal and transport service providers, freight forwarders, document disposal and data media providers

IT service providers for maintenance and software updates

Public authorities: Your personal data may in certain cases be disclosed to relevant public authorities. Such extradition will only take place if we are required to do so under applicable laws and regulations.

4. Access from abroad
In the event that Klokkerholm Body Parts uses subcontractors established outside the EU/EEA, we will ensure that the processing is subject to data protection similar to that applicable within the EU/EEA, e.g. using EU standard agreements, the EU–US Data Privacy Framework or some other similar solution.

5. Use of cookies, etc.
We use so-called cookies or cookies to improve the user experience on the website. A cookie is a text file that is stored in your browser's internal memory when you visit or interact with a web page.

You can prevent us from storing such cookies in your browser. Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings yourself so that cookies are not accepted. The disadvantage of disabling cookies in your browser is that the website will not work optimally. This is because the purpose of most cookies we use is to provide specific functionality on the website, such as cookies. that the website remembers what you put in your shopping cart.

We also use tools other than cookies to collect information about your IP address, the type of browser you use, your broadband provider, your operating system, the date and time of your website visit, and data on how to navigate the site.

We use this information to analyze trends so that we can make the website more user-friendly.

6. Deletion
Klokkerholm Body Parts deletes your information in accordance with applicable legal requirements. Purchase information will, as a rule, be deleted when there is no longer a need to store the information to respond to customer inquiries and complaints unless we have to use the information for other legitimate purposes. The Accounting Act and other legislation may in some cases require us to store certain types of information for an extended period of time.

Instead of deleting the personal data, it may be appropriate in some cases to anonymize the personal data. By anonymization is meant that all identifying or potentially identifying features are removed from the data sets stored.

7. Receiver of personal data
Your personal data will be published within the law to the following companies in the EU:

Providers of postal and transport services, freight forwarders, providers of disposal of documents and data media.

IT service providers for maintenance and software updates
Google Inc. Microsoft Corporation

8. Your rights
Klokkerholm Karosseridele A/S appreciates your feedback. Here you can see what rights you have at any time and which you can claim by contacting us at :

Withdraw consent: If you have consented to receive inquiries from us about information on our goods and services, you may withdraw this consent at any time. We've made it so that you can easily unsubscribe from these types of inquiries in each campaign from us. Consent can also be withdrawn by contacting our customer service.

Ask for insight: You have the right to gain insight into what personal data we have registered about you.

Ask for correction or deletion: You can also ask us to correct incorrect information we have about you or ask us to delete your personal information. We will, as far as possible, respond to a request to delete personal data, but we cannot do this if there are compelling reasons not to delete it, such as that we must store the information for documentation purposes. You can delete a lot of information yourself. For example, you can delete your profile with us at any time.

Complaints to regulators: If you disagree with the way we process your personal data, you can file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate.

9. Changes
We may make changes to this data protection statement, e.g. as a result of making changes to the layout or features of the Website. If we make any significant changes, we will inform you about this on the website.