Technical information

Own production – galvanised repair parts
To keep up with car manufacturers’ increasing use of galvanised steel, we are introducing repair parts in galvanised plating.

We will maintain the highest quality finish in the embossing and edges of the part. Therefore, we have chosen a plate type that has the optimal combination of thickness of zinc coating and malleability. It also offers excellent adhesion when painted.

The technical name is DX54D 140Z MB and it is a high-quality hot-dip galvanised (zinc-coated) plate. The galvanised coating contains 99% pure lead-free zinc. Our new galvanised parts have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the plate’s weldability and surface adhesion of spray paint and top coat.

Own production – black repair parts
Our steel repair parts undergo extensive surface treatments that ensure a perfect surface for further processing.

The surface treatment for our black repair parts consists of:

  • Degreasing and zirconium passivation at 35 degrees Celsius.
  • Rinsing - demineralized water (2-step - maximum 300 microsiemens and 100 microsiemens).
  • Drying at approximately 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Air drying.
  • Packaging.

Condensation on lights
At high humidity or with significant changes in temperature, condensation may form on the lights. This internal condensation is a natural phenomenon when moist air condenses on the inside of the glass. The condensation evaporates after the light is used for a short time.

Unless the light is damaged, it is not a quality-related problem, and the light can be used without issue.

Brake shields

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