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We support Child Cancer Foundation10-01-2022 - 15:11

DKK 14,200 for The Danish Child Cancer Foundation 💜


In November, Klokkerholm Karosseridele held an auction of our green fiat, which has toured with us at trade fairs.


Sindal Autocenter won the auction with DKK 7,100, and we have donated the entire amount from the auction to research into childhood cancer and support for families with a child with cancer. In addition, Klokkerholm Karosseridele has chosen to double the amount, and we have donated a total of DKK 14,200.


Every year approx. 200 Danish children aged 0-18 years are diagnosed with cancer. The Danish Child Cancer Foundation is a private and independent foundation with the purpose of helping children with cancer in Denmark. By increasing the population's knowledge about childhood cancer, strengthening research in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer and improving the conditions for the sick children and their families. And it works! The foundation has helped improve survival, and today 6 out of 7 children are cured of cancer.


At Klokkerholm, we are happy and proud that we can help make a difference and support the children who are currently being treated for childhood cancer.



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